View from our Lake Superior Cabin, perfect place for your summer adventures

Summer Adventure Retreats on Lake Superior

If you are planning a vacation getaway with the family, summer adventure retreats on Lake Superior is the best way to kick off your summer fun in the sun.  Lake Superior is the biggest freshwater lake in terms of surface area. Its vastness speaks for itself as it is bordered by Ontario Canada and by Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. While the average depth of the lake stands at approximately 480 feet, the deepest point is well over 1,300 feet. Every summer, the pristine blue waters of the lake and its fine rock and sandy beaches are filled with locals and tourists alike for the many wonderful water-sports and fun activities around. Make sure to check out all the amenities our Lake Superior cabin has to offer. 

Water Skiing

There is nothing like the thrill of a waterskiing adventure. Water skiing is one of the popular summer adventure retreats on Lake Superior that you can enjoy. The vast area of the water makes this a suitable activity fun activity. Our beautiful lakefront property offers direct access to the pebble beach via a staircase so you can get into the action very quickly. Want to sit down and watch the waters skiing activity? No problem. We have two fire/sitting spots on the water that are both accessibly by the path/lawn.  Water skiing is all about how you position yourself in the water. Try to remember the basic position when doing this activity: knees slightly bent, arms straight, head up and chest slightly behind hips.  Keep this in mind when you hit the water and have the best water skiing experience.

Jet Skiing

Another popular activity during summer adventure retreats on Lake Superior, jet skiing offers a one-of-a-kind thrill ride. As any jet ski enthusiast on the north shore will tell you, the best part of riding one is jumping the waves.  Lake Superior Minnesota is quite popular for producing epic waves and it can even go as high as 15 feet.  If this is your first time jet skiing safety is always a priority.  Try and gain experience first by taking your time practicing on smaller waves before attempting to overcome larger and stronger water currents.  Assessing wave strength takes time so ensure you have a companion with you or if you are riding alone, a flotation device needs to be worn at all times as currents can unpredictable. After a busy day of jet ski fun, you can finally relax at our Aspenwood resort lodge here in Lutsen with unobstructed views of the lake in every room.  Twilight time at the lake is magical, you can build a fire on the rocks and smell the fresh evening breeze as you recount the waves you conquered earlier in the day.

Vacationer at Loon lodge water skiing on Lake Superior


Cycling is a staple activity to enjoy during summer adventure retreats on Lake Superior. Our gorgeous cabin lodge by the lake gives you direct access to the Gitchi Gami Bike Trail.  Spend an Instagram-worthy perfect afternoon on the  longest uninterrupted section on the Gooseberry area that encompasses 17 miles along the gorgeous Lake Superior shoreline. Have adventures with the family as you bike to Temperance River State Park and hike the waterfalls without ever having the need to use your car. Our north shore resort lodge here in Lutsen features a very spacious garage and there is plenty of room for your car, bikes, golf and ski gear. Aside from the Lake, the Superior National Forest is the next most recognizable natural wonder in Minnesota.  Cycling the forest is an off-the-beaten path experience. You have over 2,000 miles of backcountry logging and forest roads to explore. 


Your summer adventure retreats on Lake Superior would not be complete without kayaking. One of the most popular areas for sea kayaking on the lake is the mainland sea caves that can be accessed from the Meyers Beach landing north of Bayfield.  These caves are quite beautiful but the waters in these areas can be unpredictable so use common sense and caution if you want to explore this area.  You do not have to be an experienced kayaker though to enjoy Lake Superior but it can be  a very challenging experience. It is essential you get proper instruction first if you are a beginner and learn all about how to stay safe while out kayaking on the lake.


A bucket list summer activity for many folks, sailing is one of the most elegant,  fun and romantic summer adventure retreats on Lake Superior activities that you can indulge in.  You can book a local harbor sailing tour and experience sailing around different points of interest. Isle Royale is a popular destination. It is a national park that offers 36 campgrounds and lots of sites adjacent to the docks. It is only accessible via boat or seaplane. Sault St. Marie is located at the southeastern tip and is popular with tourists and sailing enthusiasts because of the view and the many lighthouses, locks and historical areas.  You can sail with a group or just your partner for a romantic twilight sail on the calm crisp waters. At the end of the day you have our beautiful Aspenwood resort lodge here in Lutsen waiting for you to rest your tired feet on comfortable in floor heating on the lower and main floor. In the living area you have an unobstructed view of the lake and a stone fireplace to reminisce about your sailing adventure.

Small sail boat on Lake Superior near our vacation cabin on Lake Superior

Alpine Slide

Most visitors to the North Shore think that the Lutsen Mountains ski area is only a winter destination. However, summer adventure retreats on Lakes Superior can satisfy your need for speed with the alpine slide near our Aspenwood resort cabin. The alpine slide at Lutsen Mountains features a half-mile twisting, turning track that you can cruise down on a speed-controlled sled. All you need to do is get on the chairlift off Ski Hill Road in order to take you to the top of Eagle Mountain. From there it is all a full-on downhill adventure as you enjoy the ride with the sled provided.  Take it slow so you can enjoy the beauty of the mountains and the surrounding areas or go full speed while you zip down the mountainside. The choice is yours.