Lake Trout caught in Lake Superior near Loon Lodge Fishing Retreat

Fishing Retreat Cabin on Lake Superior (North Shore) 

There is nothing like a vacation on Lake Superior. Not only is the lake the largest of the Great Lakes; it is also the biggest body of fresh water on the planet. There are many activities you can enjoy in and around the lake but one of the most popular is going on a fishing retreat on the north shore of Lake Superior.  The deepest part of the lake is 1,300 feet and it boasts very clear water with an average underwater visibility of 27 feet. There are many species of fish that you can catch on the lake. As a matter of fact there are 80 species that include carp and varieties of trout, salmon and perch. A fishing retreat on Lake Superior can be made perfect by the right vacation cabin accommodations that can provide the best features to have a comfortable and wonderful stay but also give a majestic and panoramic view of the lake and of the surrounding forest.

Loon Lodge Minnesota offers a private townhome situated on the Lutsen/Tofte border on the north shore that gives you access to 600 ft. of the scenic Lake Superior shoreline. Our fishing lodge on Lake Superior is situated approximately 40 feet off the lake on an elevated area that can offer you and your family with some of the most panoramic and breathtaking views of the north shore from every window. Enjoy waking up in the morning and feel recharged as you take in the view. You get to feel a sense of oneness with nature that purifies the soul. The experience will definitely leave you and your family in awe. Let our beautiful Loon Lodge fishing retreat on Lake Superior be your haven as you and your family enjoy the many fishing vacation activities all year round.

Ice Fishing

For most winters on the north shore in Minnesota, Lake Superior is covered by ice approximately 40 to 95% of the time. The last time the entire lake froze over was back in 2014.  Ice fishing is one of the best ways to relax on a winter afternoon on the north shore and since our gorgeous fishing cabin retreat on Lake Superior is just a short walking distance of forty feet, you get to enjoy a lot of ice fishing and when you get tired or cold just simply walk  back for some warm creature comforts. When ice fishing on the north shore, a safe rule to follow is to make sure the ice is at least four inches thick and make sure to check ice conditions before heading out on the lake. If there is a path then follow that one since ice thickness may vary depending on the area be sure to check more than one spot. During winter, the metabolism of fish slows down and reduces its need for oxygen, which means it is very easy to catch and release. You can use a needlenose pliers to remove a lip hook and if the fish has swallowed the hook simply cut the line and it will just dissolve inside the fish and then just ease it back in the water. Catching 20 pound trout is very likely when you go ice fishing near our beautiful fishing retreat on Lake Superior.

Lake Superior Fishing Lodge on the North Shore

Fresh Water Fishing

There is no doubt that going on a north shore Minnesota fishing retreat will be a sure treat.  Why? The biggest freshwater lake in the country is home to some of the most exciting fishing spots in the entire world.  When you are not enjoying the panoramic views of our scenic town home fishing retreat on Lake Superior you can enjoy hours upon hours of great fresh water fishing. Trout is the most common fish you can catch on the lake. Walleye for instance can easily be spotted in the shallow eaters early in the AM and late in the evening. The fish can be easily caught during the warm weather season as many of the fish in the lake due to the extreme depths of the water at certain areas. Smallmouth bass or “smallies”  are another species of fresh water fish that you can enjoy catching with your family. The ones you find on the lake are smaller than what you would normally find elsewhere but the great thing is that they are quite easy to catch and are quite many especially during the warm weather season.

Fly Fishing

There is something about the act of fly fishing that makes one yearn for nature. The elegance of throwing your line at the lake hearkens scenes from the past and of a much simpler country life. Enjoy fly fishing to the fullest while you stay at our beautiful Loon Lodge fishing retreat on Lake Superior.  Depending on where you to choose to throw your line, you can fly fish for different varieties of salmon such as pink, Chinook, Atlantic and Coho. Our well appointed Minnesota Loon Lodge fishing retreat on Lake Superior is just a stone’s throw away from the fly fishing action. Get to catch some Lake Trout, which is the most common fish you can catch on the lake.  You can expect to catch trout in the deeper portions of the lake during the warm months and the shallow areas during the winter.

Loon Lodge Minnesota offers the best fishing retreat on Lake Superior experience you will ever find. Our fully furnished townhome can provide you with the most comfortable and relaxing experience as you enjoy many hours of fun fishing and other activities with your family and friends. At the end of the day, let Loon Lodge provide you with a well deserved respite so you can wake up refreshed and recharged for another whole day of fun on the lake.