Ladies doing scrapbooking at their Crafts Retreat on Leech Lake

Crafts Retreat Cabin on Leech Lake

Leech Lake Minnesota is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places to visit. It is no wonder that crafts retreat on Leech Lake are becoming more and more popular as many crafters not only get to enjoy their wonderful hobby with family and friends but also get access to the majesty and beauty of the lakeside. Loon Lodge offers a beautiful Leech Lake cabin by the lakeside that has all the amenities you need in order to enjoy your retreat “crop” with family or friends. Let us tell you more about what you can enjoy with your group of friends.

Scrapbook & crafts are two of the most popular pastimes in the United States.  Not only does crafting let you show off your artsy and creative side it forges a bond among friends that only scrapbooking & craft practitioners know. In order to have a truly enjoyable crafts retreat on Leech Lake it is important that you have the perfect group venue not just for a comforting stay but more importantly also a haven that is full of the wonders of nature to stimulate your imagination.

Scrapbooking Nirvana

Imagine a beautiful privately owned property on one hundred feet of lake shore on Leech Lake Minnesota. Our wonderful crafting retreat on Leech Lake cabin features 3 spacious bathrooms with en suite baths and a spacious 11 x 23.5 inch crafting/quilting area that is just perfect for any craft or any type of hobby you might have. Don’t worry about space as anybody who lives in Minnesota knows we have lots of it. We can accommodate scrapbooking & crafts retreats very well and can sleep up to eight people at a time. How’s that for a fun weekend event with your craft retreat group.

Fun Filled Activities

Our crafts retreat on Leech Lake cabin features more than enough activities for all the members of the family and your guests. Leech Lake Minnesota is known for fresh water fishing, ice fishing and fly fishing. Our beautiful lakeside property gives you unfettered access to a hundred feet of pristine sugar sand beach devoid of any weeds and features a nice gradual slope to the water. While you and your girlfriends scrapbook at our cabin, the kids can have fun swimming with dad or play on the beautiful beach and take in the view of the crystal clear waters.

What better way to catch up on your besties than a relaxing and enjoyable craft retreat on Leech Lake? Whether it is a weekend of filling up scrapbook pages or quilting to finally finish that baby blanket on time before giving birth, our beautiful and well equipped cabin retreat on Leech Lake has you and your best friends and family covered.